Retail POS Systems

LogiVision POS Retail Software

Logivision develops software for the retail industry with a particular focus on the operation system for the front-end terminals. Innovative and always at the forefront of new technological developments, Logivision is committed to improving the service and the products we provide to our customers. Whether you run a small liquor store or a multi-lane supermarket, specialty food retailers like chocolate shops, coffee-shops, or boutique-style bakeries, they all benefit from the simplicity and speed offered by our Logivision Retail Systems.

  • Powerful, Flexible Software – Logivision can be tailored for many different applications including General Retail, Liquor, Convenience, Grocery, Gas, Nursery and More!
  • Inventory Control – The Logivision inventory module features purchase order generation based on minimum stock levels or manual entry. The inventory tracking module will help you adjust your inventory down to the levels you need.
  • Hand Held Device Compatibility – Use a wireless hand held terminal to check-in your purchase orders, incoming shipments and keep stock counts. You can also accomplish mobile price verifications and price changes.
  • Accounts Receivable – The accounts receivable module adds full control on customer charges, payments and credit limits at the POS terminal.
  • Preferred Shopper – The preferred shopper module gives you the ability to add an integrated loyalty-building program to your POS application. You can easily create customer records and start retaining data that will help you reward your frequent shoppers.
  • Cashier Monitoring – The Monitoring application is like a watch dog. It displays all transaction information in real-time to any computer on the network. The on-line Monitor program also links to 3rd party DVR systems which have been proven to provide excellent shrink reduction.
  • On-Screen Advertising -  This great tool will help you promote your products and allow you to display images, movies and text content on your POS displays. The Advertising module will enhance your customers’ check-out experience and increase your sales at the same time!
  • Electronic Journal – The electronic journal provides an electronic trace of all transactions. This means that register journal rolls are no longer required, saving space, paper and time. Data is stored by date and can be located easily using built-in and user-defined search commands.
  • Gas Pump Interface -  Integrated control is important because it reduces errors and speeds up the check-out process. The L-POS Pump Interface communicates with forecourt devices through well-known controllers that provide state-of-the-art connectivity to most major brands.
  • Price Batch – The batch system lets you create new price lists for as many items as you need. These batches are date activated. The system will take care of activating the prices for you, even if you can’t come to the store that day.

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